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What does it take to be the best SEO company in Las Vegas?

First and foremost, to be the best you must be able to rank on the first page for various keywords.  There is a lot of competition in the market and to be exact for the difficulty of the keyword "Las Vegas SEO" it is about a 47% difficulty level. Basically, this means that it is more difficult than your average search term to rank for on the internet and you will need to have constant involvement with your SEO to stay on the first page.  The benefits from ranking on the first page will become well know when you are there but the difference between #1 and #10 could be thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars in business for the SEO specialist company.

Have you heard any word on the street about linking not working anymore for SEO?

Well, that is totally false as of today in this article being written.  This notion came about by someone who did not know what they were doing with SEO and does not understand the algorithms that Google uses to rank websites.  What actually happened is that the value of the Social profiles from Facebook and twitter actually became devalued in the search engines.  For some time Google was not even ranking these web properties because they know it is free to create and that many scams have occurred from bad people setting up a facebook, twitter or some other social profile trying to gain a quick buck from people.  Although this did happen, lately the power of reputable companies social media profiles have begun to be valued again by the search engines.

One crazy realization of the social profiles is that because they carry so much weight when used for ranking that when they are also combined with the power of your domain for your website alone that you can create tremendous power for the terms you are trying to rank for.

What does this mean for you?

it simply means that social power is forever strong but the way the social profile has its strength has changed.  So, in having a business it is still very important to use social power to benefit your business.  You can do this on your own or hire a company to do this for you.  One thing you need to realize with Social Media and SEO is that they are not quick wins.  Sometimes people may get lucky but for the most part, you will not see your ROI (Return on Investment) as quickly as you may with Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or some other lead generation service used to purchase leads.  The benefits of having your social media presence in order is that you will be able to show authority in the market and people will be able to recognize that you are a business that is still in business.  Many times your customers may devalue you in the business arena because your social media account is inactive for the past year. This creates a lot of unnecessary questions that could have been avoided with a little more time or money spent.

How many people really understand SEO and how it works?

We can vouch for that and tell you that about 98% of the population has no idea how SEO works and of the 2% that have knowledge of SEO, only 10% of those actually understand how to do SEO.  You will have many companies try to sell you their SEO services and it may seem like a great price but what are you really getting for your money.  We have come across clients that have trusted their SEO into the hands of a cheap SEO company and thought they were getting a good deal but when we analyze their website to see what was done we see that nothing was done to benefit the company and help them with their SEO.  In fact, one of our clients was convinced by his previous SEO company that he needed to be ranked for a keyword that took nothing to rank for and has near to no traffic searching for this keyword.  It makes me sick seeing how people are taking advantage of the lack of knowledge by others to make money.  When we work with a client we educate them on the process and length of time it is projected to take to rank for a keyword and show them the value the keyword will produce for the company.  We also do not place our clients in a contract because when you do good work and gain a significant ROI then your clients will never want to leave you. We do not believe in binding people down because if a company chooses to leave we can always find another company willing to pay for the rankings and outrank the business we were working with in the past.  This is the value that is given to our clients and why they choose to continue doing business with Rising Above SEO.

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